" It's the white ones, don't eat the white ones "

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Excuse me but this is an amazing short film about a trans* boy who struggles with a not-very-understanding parent, and it deserves every award and I am so proud of my generation.

I may or may not be crying

This needs to spread around.

this was fucking powerful. even if you’ve never had this happen in your life or know someone it hits home in so many ways. Super beautiful

brb sobbing

Whoa ._.

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GTA V Heists + Survivors

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Phoebe Buffay Best Comebacks

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Gay Movie Needs Your Help To Improve Honest LGBT Representation In Sci-Fi

A team of British filmmakers are aiming to produce a groundbreaking new science-fiction movie that not only stars two gay men in the lead roles, but hopes to pave the way for improved representation of LGBT characters in the film industry.

Credence follows a gay male couple preparing to sell their worldly possessions to fund their young daughter’s evacuation from Earth in the wake of violent storms predicted to decimate the planet. While they will likely save her life for the right price, they may need to sacrifice their own lives in the process… Read more and watch the trailer and a behind-the-scenes video.

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lp minecraft 77 / 90 *
requested by xinjiem.

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Girls/Girls/Boys Acoustic

I didn’t realize it was actually possible to fall in love with a song. Then this happened.

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But! But but but!

Sam DOES follow, just not right away. Sam lives a long, prosperous, ridiculously happy life in Hobbiton with Rosie, with whom he has many children. He was mayor of Hobbiton SEVEN times until he retired at age 96, oversaw the establishment of the Shire as its own independent land, and was personally given the Star of the Dunedain by King Elessar as a gesture of friendship and love. But when Rosie passed away on Mid-Year’s day, Sam rode out from Bag End on September 22nd for the last time and finally followed Frodo to Valinor as the third and last Ringbearer to do so at the grand old age of 104.

He did exactly as Frodo asked him to. He was whole, and happy, and he enjoyed and did more than he could have ever imagined when he was a humble gardener listening in for tales of the Elves. And when he had lived out his life in peace and absolute happiness he earned his reward and followed Frodo home.


Samwise Gamgee: Best character in the whole goddamn LoTR continuum.


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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite male characters [8/10] » Jon Snow

"Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers. He was no true Stark, had never been one… but he could die like one. Let them say that Eddard Stark had fathered four sons, not three."

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Favorite Lines: Lets Play GTAV- The Grand Heist