" It's the white ones, don't eat the white ones "

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make me choose
ikusobbing asked; gavin free OR ryan haywood.

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favorite idiots | Miles Luna

"One of us might have some tequila before this. It’s probably Arryn."

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Either hire GRRM to write the rest of the episodes or stop destroying all realistic character development.

  • Jaime Lannister is explicitly anti-rape in the books. 
  • He was upset that he had to listen to the Mad King rape his wife on multiple occasions but was powerless to stop it.
  • When Robert raped Cersei she had to stop Jaime from killing him. 
  • He saved Brienne from being raped (and got his hand chopped off).
  • Jaime said he’d rather die than be raped. 

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I’m just watching Gavin not being able to find this Enderman and he’s just staring at Gavin (x)

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"you pretty much built a store by Rundberg”

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there has never before been such a ‘that’s it that’s the show” gifset in the history of time

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Check out my new office guys! With Kerry Shawcross

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At this point I think I know more about asoiaf religions than real world ones..